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    Friday 19 January 2018


About the company 

 For the promotion of “Developing technology and priming talents” slogan and by accomplishing one of our missions and duties, we made efforts such that we share a nuance in coming to fruition of this important matter and show our faith to our dear country. By trusting in God, “Pars Badie” has managed to "take positive steps in the path of development and institutionalizing the obligation of achieving self-sufficiency” by using experienced and specialized staff, and most importantly, customer orientation during more than 30 years of background in the industry. Hence, we can provide our capabilities in manufacturing different types of asphalt plants, batching plants and other machinery.

 In consequence, “satisfaction of Pars Badie customers” regarding the way of providing services, price, the quality of  goods and services, and also manner of the personnel and managers towards them are of our “honors” making us feel glory


1- Installation 120-ton asphalt plant,Irag,diyala city
2-Installation 120-ton asphalt plant,Road haji 1391/04/19 - 
3- Installation 120-ton asphalt plant,Irag, Yvsfyh city